Join @bobwardms At SQL Saturday Boston For The Azure Workshop for SQL Professionals (@NESQLServer)

All’s Well That Friends Well

The nice folks at the New England SQL Server User Group (w|t) had me in town a week ago to present my workshop, The Foundations Of SQL Server Performance.

We had about 40 folks show up — which ain’t bad for a random Friday in May — including one attendee from Nigeria.

Not just like, originated in Nigeria. Like, flew from Nigeria for the workshop. That’s probably a new record for me, aside from PASS Precons where folks are already headed in from all corners.

Speaking of PASS Precons — me and Kendra are double teaming your Monday and Tuesday — have I mentioned that lately?

As a favor to some dear friends, here’s a promo code to get $125 off Bob’s Friday Precon, The Azure Workshop for SQL Professionals.

The precon takes places on October 4th, and the SQL Saturday is October 5th. You can register separately for the SQL Saturday only here.

If you want to catch Bob’s Friday workshop, use the QR code below, or register here and use the code PPP50 to get your discount.

bob ward
bob ward

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Going Further

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