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I’ll make your SQL Server faster in exchange for money.

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Hi, I’m Erik

A DBA, developer, and architect with a track record of tackling even the most challenging of technical issues. With years of experience consulting with Brent Ozar Unlimited and almost 600 satisfied clients under my belt, I’m confident in my ability to help businesses like yours achieve optimal performance.

In addition to my consulting services, I’m also passionate about blogging, training, and contributing to open-source projects that help with SQL Server troubleshooting. I’ve given many public speaking engagements on the topic at conferences and events around the world, like PASS Summit and SQLBits.

When you work with me, you’ll get my undivided attention. As a one-man party, I guarantee that you’ll only ever work with me, so you can rest assured that you’re getting personalized attention from a seasoned professional.

Here are the outcomes I provide from my engagements:

  • Correctly configured servers
  • Right-sized hardware
  • The most efficient set of indexes
  • Optimized schema
  • Finely tuned queries
  • Resolved blocking and deadlocking
  • Well-trained database staff

I offer hourly buckets that are good for a year, starting at 20 hours, with discounts available if you buy 40 hours or more. And as part of any engagement with me, you’ll get free access to my SQL Server performance tuning training library, which includes over 24 hours of beginner, intermediate, and advanced streaming video content.

Let’s work together to optimize your SQL Server performance and take your business to the next level.

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