PASS Data Community Summit 2022: Come See My Session, The SQL Server Performance Tasting Menu


On top of my precon, The Professional Performance Tuning Blueprint, I’ve also got a regular session selected!

The SQL Server Performance Tasting Menu:

You’re a DBA or Developer, and you’ve been using SQL Server for a few years.

You know there are different ways to make queries faster, but you’re not sure when to use them.

I’m Erik Darling, and I’ll be your sommelier for the evening.

Over several courses of delicious demos, I’ll show you the types of performance problems different tuning techniques pair well with, and which ones to avoid.

When we’re done, you’ll understand exactly what patterns to look for when you’re troubleshooting slow queries, and how to approach them.

You’ll have the secret recipe for gourmet queries.

Dates And Times

The PASS Data Community Summit is taking place in Seattle November 15-18, 2022 and online.

You can register here, to attend online or in-person. I’ll be there in all my fleshy goodness, and I hope to see you there too!

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

If this is the kind of SQL Server stuff you love learning about, you’ll love my training. I’m offering a 75% discount to my blog readers if you click from here. I’m also available for consulting if you just don’t have time for that and need to solve performance problems quickly.