More Dates For Online Training: July 10th and 24th

Missing Persons

If you missed out on my online class, I’m offering two more dates for it in July.

You can catch all the goodness of Premium Performance Tuning on July 10th and 24th.

In this class, I’ll teach you about my strategy for tuning horrible queries, and show you practical examples for dealing with a variety of performance issues. It’s a full day of learning with no fluff.

I’ll be covering topics that you’ll face day to day, like dealing with parameter sniffing, functions, temporary objects, complex queries, and more. You’ll learn how to get to the bottom of query performance issues like a pro by getting the right information and learning how to interpret it.

Enrolling in my full day course also gets you access to my training videos, which is a $1000 value with over 24 hours of content.

Showing Up

On the day of the training, you’ll be able to watch the video stream on my site here.

To interact with me and other students, go to to get an invite, then go to, or download the Slack app to join. We’ll be in the #erikdarling-tuning channel. That’s the only way to ask questions right now. Unfortunately with video streaming, there’s no built-in chat. You have to bring your own.

If you wanna follow along, you’ll need to download the StackOverflow 2013 database, along with the latest SSMS, and Developer Edition of SQL Server: 2017 | 2019. While you’re being a good DBA, don’t forget to make sure you’re up to date on patching.

Get your tickets here!

See you in class!


Going Further

If this is the kind of SQL Server stuff you love learning about, you’ll love my training. I’m offering a 75% discount to my blog readers if you click from here. I’m also available for consulting if you just don’t have time for that and need to solve performance problems quickly.