Darling Data Is Moving On Up

Spatial Abuse

At the beginning of 2020, I recorded a bunch of training videos, and put on some live classes throughout the year. As much as I love doing that stuff, my current office absolutely sucks for it.

Like a lot of families, we spent most of 2020 trying to figure out how to make the most of the space we had, and then thinking longer-term about what our space requirements are.

We thought about moving to a lot of different places. We looked in difference cities, states, and even countries (visa applications for France weren’t available for a lot of the year though).

The entire time, I sort of put off recording training content and putting on classes, because the experience wasn’t great for me. That’s it. I stopped streaming, didn’t record YouTube videos for a while, and just buckled down to focus on blogging and client work.

Getting set up to do any of that stuff was a process, and the whole green screen situation in a small office just didn’t work out. It was right behind me, I’d knock into it, and the lighting in here made all sorts or artifacts and flicker effects. I was never really happy with the final product.

Add to it that there was a lot of outside noise and annoyances.

Very blah, as they say.

We finally found a new place that suits our needs though, and I have a much bigger office now that doesn’t require anyone else sacrificing space. I’m getting things migrated to the new space, and when I do I’ll start planning out more live stuff and training.

Stay tuned!

Going Further

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18 thoughts on “Darling Data Is Moving On Up

  1. Congrats on your new digs. Hope the environment is a wellspring of creativity and productivity, or at least a goo environment for cocktails.

  2. Looking forward to new luxurious blog experiences, with drinks, canapés, light jazz on a grand piano, and the occasional pop of a champagne cork.

  3. Congrat’s on the new space. Hope it makes what you do more enjoyable for you. It has always been both entertaining and informative for us…..

  4. Hey, me some random YT slime here. Seen empty comments so decided to hit. Don’t be sad and all u rockstar, you’re doin great! Someone even likes your vids jeez, freaks aren’t they.
    Jokes aside, keep it up big man! Keep it fun!
    Blah out ?

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