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I made some updates to sp_QuickieStore recently, which you can download here.

The main updates to the code are to:

  • Add support for SQL Server 2022 views
  • Add the ability to search by query hash, plan hash, and SQL handle

The SQL Server 2022 stuff isn’t important just yet, but… Hey, maybe someday.

The new search functionality is really important though, at least for how I use sp_QuickieStore much of the time. Often, you’ll find hashes and handles in other parts of the database:

  • Plan cache
  • Deadlock XML
  • Blocked process report
  • Query plans

There’s still no good way for you to search Query Store by anything. Not plan or query id, not query text, not object names. Nothing.

Don’t worry, I’m here for you.

Some other minor updates were to:

  • Improve the help section
  • Improve code comments throughout
  • Remove the filter to only show successful executions (sometimes you need to find queries that timed out or something)
  • If you filter on any hash or handle, I’ll display that in the final output so they’re easy to identify
  • Replace TRY_CONVERT with TRY_CAST, which throws errors in fewer circumstances

That’s about all the stuff you need to know about. Aside from that, all my changes were slight logical errors or plumbing to implement the new features.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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6 thoughts on “Updates to sp_QuickieStore

  1. That’s interesting about TRY CAST vs. TRY CONVERT. That may be worth a blog post of its own, especially since it is generally considered better to use CONVERT instead of CAST (specifically for date/time values), so it is interesting that you found TRY_CAST to be less problematic than TRY_CONVERT. Your May 16 post doesn’t address this specific issue, so a new post with more detail on the issue of a difference in errors would be interesting, at least to me. 🙂

  2. Hi Eric, great stuff as usual. You might want to update a copywrite line in your code.

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