SQL Server Community Tools: Formatting sp_QuickieStore Output So It’s Easier To Understand


I am not great at numbers. Especially big numbers, or numbers that need to get converted, like going from KB to GB.

Not KGB. I don’t wanna ever end up there.

Being but a mere mortal, I always find it a whole lot easier to figure out what I’m looking at when there are some separators in there.

For me in all my American Glory, that’s properly placed commas.



Some queries can rack up some pretty impressive resource consumption numbers, especially in Query Store where historical data is held for much longer times than the plan cache.

Making matters worse is that it makes sense to scale things to precise numbers that can look really confusing when they hit anything more than eight or nine digits.

That’s why I wanted to make sure sp_QuickieStore had a way to make things easier on us numerically-challenged public school kids.

EXEC sp_QuickieStore
    @format_output = 1;

Any number that meets the prerequisites for comma insertion will get one. here’s a small example:

SQL Server Query Results

Isn’t that nice?

Thanks for reading!

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