T-SQL Tuesday: Code That Made You Feel A Way


First, this post needs to have the T-SQL Tuesday logo in it, so sayeth the rules. Here’s that.

This month’s topic challenges you to think back to the last time you saw code that made you feel a thing. Hopefully a positive thing.

I’m not a thesaurus, so the list isn’t exhaustive, but think along the lines of: surprise, awe, inspiration, excitement.

Or maybe it was just code that sort of sunk its teeth into you and made you want to learn a whole lot more.


This won’t be my submission, but I think a great example is a piece of query tuning magic by Paul White. It was one of the first articles I ever read as a young SQL Developer.

It was one of many lightbulb moments (and, crap, I should have said lightbulb moment up there when I was telling you what kind of code I want you to think about) that I’ve had in my career.

The only rule I have is (outside of the normal T-SQL Tuesday rules) is that it can’t be your own code.

It should also probably be code that you won’t get sued for showing or talking about. Please be diligent in abiding by copyrights.

Other than that, it’s the normal pack of rabbits: submissions have to be posted next Tuesday, the 11th of July.

I’ll post a roundup after I’ve had time to gather all the links and write something sufficiently witty about each one of them.

If you feel the need to go negative, make sure it’s about something that no sane or rational person could disagree with, like comma placement, whitespace, indentation, capitalization, line endings, naming conventions, or aliases.

But especially if table aliases should be capitalized. We all know they shouldn’t.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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