SQL Server Community Tools: How I Use sp_Blitz

Elder Gods

For the last week of the series, I’m going to talk about the Blitz scripts. On top of using them for a hell of a long time, I’ve done a ton of work on them over the years.

Some of it was better than others, and there’s certainly some stuff I spent a long time on that I would never pursue today, but in general I think value was added.

I will say that nearly every check and condition that I felt inclined to add to the scripts were based on working with clients and finding some weird problems along the way.

If you ever find a really weird problem using any of these, you can thank the nice people who had really weird SQL Server problems that I worked with.

Once you spend a while tracking down a problem, you never wanna waste that time again, so you check for it every time just in case.

Deep Down

One thing that I always do with sp_Blitz is use the @CheckServerInfo parameter, set to 1.

EXEC sp_Blitz
    @CheckServerInfo = 1;

This parameter enables checks on a whole bunch of important system things, like:

  • If instant file initialization is enabled
  • If lock pages in memory is enabled
  • A whole bunch of CPU information, including if they’re in balanced power mode
  • If you have stacked SQL Server instances
  • If you have a bunch of other components (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS) installed

Stuff like that can be awesome to make note of if you’re trying to track down weird, transient issues.

I never run sp_Blitz without it.

Hop Scotch

Another thing I end up doing a lot is skipping checks, because some of them just aren’t important to me, and can be very noisy.

I never say never, but I tend to skip past stuff like:

  • Stored procedure with recompile
  • Jobs owner by users
  • Every security check (like logins with elevated permissions)
  • Jobs without failure emails

That stuff can be a real drag to scroll through. Here’s what I usually do.

    ServerName sysname NULL,
    DatabaseName sysname NULL,
    CheckID int NULL

    (NULL, NULL,   55), --Database Owner <> SA
    (NULL, NULL,   86), --Elevated Permissions on a Database 
    (NULL, NULL,    6), --Jobs Owned By Users
    (NULL, NULL,   78), --Stored Procedure WITH RECOMPILE
    (NULL, NULL,  104), --Control Server Permissions
    (NULL, NULL,    5), --Security Admins
    (NULL, NULL,    4), --Sysadmins
    (NULL, NULL, 2301); --Invalid Active Directory Accounts

EXEC sp_Blitz
    @CheckServerInfo = 1,
    @SkipChecksDatabase = 'master', 
    @SkipChecksSchema = 'dbo', 
    @SkipChecksTable = 'BlitzCheckSkip';

Most of my engagements focus on performance, so I can skip this stuff because I’m not gonna sit around lecturing people about any of this.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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