SQL Saturday Portland: One Week To Go!

Training Daze

Right now, we’re only one week out from SQL Saturday Portland.

I’ll be delivering my Total Server Tuning session, where you’ll learn all sorts of horrible things about SQL Server.

To get ready for the session, you’ll need a local version of SQL Server Developer Edition, 2017 + whatever the latest CU is.

I’m writing this a few weeks out, and who knows what kind of antics Microsoft will get up to.

Will they release, un-release, re-release, re-un-release, and then delete all internet history of another CU?


For Sure

One thing you’ll definitely need is a copy of the StackOverflow2013 database.

Seats are limited, so hurry on up and get yourself one before you get FOMO in your MOJO.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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