Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Wrap Up – For Now!

Finger On It

All good things must come to an end. When I started this series, I wasn’t entirely sure where that would be.

Turns out, seven weeks about covers all the major stuff I see regularly when working with clients.

And this is just the code and indexes; it doesn’t even start on the SQL Server settings, maintenance practices, table design, and hardware configurations I see getting in the way.

Perhaps there is a part 2, but I’m going to let this stand for now.

Happy clicking! Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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8 thoughts on “Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Wrap Up – For Now!

  1. Many, MANY of these apply in one fashion or other to inhouse developers. All are worth a read for that reason.


  2. This series has been a great learning experience and the logical breakdown of topics easy to digest (and push back at vendors with small suggestions on improvements).

    Always entertaining and informative.

    Keep up the great work!

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