Query Store Improvements I’d Like To See For SQL Server: Choose Queries To Ignore

Spirited Away

This week’s posts are a series of short, and, admittedly lazy ones about improvements I’d like to see in Query Store.

I’m away from home for the Holiday Week, and I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment. Normally I’d put these all into one post. I do hope you, dear reader, will forgive me. In the spirit of the holidays, or something.

Problem Four

A lot of dumb things end up in Query Store that you can’t do anything about, but which skew the graphs you have to look at and make things hard to decipher.

For example:

  • Query store queries from the GUI
  • Index rebuilds
  • Statistics updates
  • Index creation
  • Some dumb thing that runs at 3am that no one cares about

But there they are, acting like the biggest, baddest thing to ever touch SQL Server.

Except you know they’re not. And they have no business showing up when you know better. For as many options to tweak things as are getting added to Query Store, being able to quarantine some stuff would be a nice option.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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