Indexed View Maintenance Is Only As Bad As Your Indexes In SQL Server

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Yes, indexed view maintenance can be quite rough. I don’t mean like, rebuilding them. I will never talk about that.

I mean that, in some cases locks are serializable, and that if you don’t mind your indexes you may find run-of-the-mill modifications taking quite a long time.

Let’s go look!

Mill Town

Let’s get update a small chunk of the Posts table.

SET p.Score += 100
FROM dbo.Posts AS p
WHERE p.OwnerUserId = 22656;

Let’s all digress from the main point of this post for a moment!

It’s generally useful to give modifications an easy path to find data they need to update. For example:

SQL Server Query Plan
Uh no

This update takes 1.6 seconds because we have no useful index on OwnerUserId. But we get a daft missing index request, because it wants to include Score, which would mean we’d need to then update that index as well as read from it. Locking leads to NOLOCK hints. I tend to want to introduce as little of it as possible.

With an index on just OwnerUserId, our situation improves dramatically.

SQL Server Query Plan

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Let’s see what happens to our update with an indexed view in place.

CREATE OR ALTER VIEW dbo.PostScoresVotes
SELECT   p.Id, 
         SUM(p.Score * 1.0) AS ScoreSum, 
		 COUNT_BIG(v.Id) AS VoteCount,
		 COUNT_BIG(*) AS OkayThen 
FROM     dbo.Posts AS p
JOIN     dbo.Votes AS v
    ON p.Id = v.PostId
WHERE p.PostTypeId = 2
AND   p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL

    ON dbo.PostScoresVotes(Id);

Our update query now takes about 10 seconds…

SQL Server Query Plan
Oof dawg

With the majority of the time being spent assembling the indexed view for maintenance.

SQL Server Query Plan
Yikes dawg

The Problem Of Course

Is that our indexes are bad. We’ve got no helpful index between Posts and Votes to help with the assembly.

Our first clue may have been when creating the indexed view took a long time, but hey.

Let’s fix it.

CREATE INDEX v ON dbo.Votes(PostId);

Now our update finishes in about a second!

SQL Server Query Plan
Cleant Up

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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