Followup: Make ADS An Optional Install Alongside SSMS


A while back, I posted a feedback item to UserVoice in response to SSMS 18.7 forcing users to install ADS alongside SSMS, because installing software without user consent is just plain wrong.

I understand that other components are packaged in with SSMS, and I understand that ADS is a good tool for developers. I’m less sure that folks would be keen on installing a tool with an 1800+ issue “backlog“. I know, that seems harsh, but Microsoft’s response to this was really lame.

have you tried thinking about it?

Nice pamphlet. Get real, though: ADS is about as mature as whoopie cushion, and the choice to add dependencies between the two tools was an entirely unforced error.

Tea Leaves

One can’t help but wonder when Microsoft is going to cease work on SSMS to only work on ADS, and what that roadmap might look like.

After all, there’s a very clear differentiation in when you should use each tool.

the face

If ADS is going to be the future of working with SQL Server, it has a really long way to go. If you agree, head over here and cast your vote.

Thanks for reading!

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