Erik Being Allergic To Slow SQL Server Queries

Erik Being Allergic To Slow SQL Server Queries

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3 thoughts on “Erik Being Allergic To Slow SQL Server Queries

  1. Is that Execute Current Batch feature you demonstrated available because you have the Redgate SQL Prompt add-in installed in SSMS?
    I don’t see that option available in a regular edition of SSMS.
    If it is part of the SQL Prompt add-in, you may want to clarify that.
    I use Devart’s SQL Complete add-in and they provide an Execute Current Statement option to SSMS, but not an Execute Current Batch option. That does seem useful and I’m thinking of submitting that to Devart as an enhancement request.

    1. There’s a pretty slim chance that I’m going to re-record a whole video to clarify that. Done is done there.

      I’ve never used any add ons other than SQL Prompt, but I’ve heard good enough things about the one you mentioned.

      1. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you re-record the whole session to – just meant maybe you could add a note down here in the comments to clarify you won’t get that option in SSMS unless you are using SQL Prompt, which I guess this comment will now take care of that.
        When I saw this video I thought maybe those execution options were something MS added as a new feature in SSMS 20.1 which I hadn’t gotten around to upgrading to yet, so I went through the time and trouble of updating SSMS and found it wasn’t there.

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