Why Are Parameter Details Missing From SQL Server Execution Plans?


For a long while now, when parameterized queries get executed in SQL Server, whether they’re in stored procedures or from ORMs, execution plans stored in the plan cache or in query store will keep information about what the compile-time parameter values are.

You can see this list in the details of the query plan by going to the properties of whatever the root node is.

SQL Server Query Plan Properties
compile time, baby!

This is useful for when you want to execute the code to reproduce and address any performance issues.

You know, very professional stuff.

If you use local variables, apply the OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN hint, or disable parameter sniffing using a database scoped configuration, cached and query store-d plans no longer have those parameters lists in them. Likewise, if you have queries where a mix of parameters and local variables are used, the local variable compile time values will be missing from the plan XML.

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