Updates To sp_HumanEvents

Touchy, Touchy

I’ve made some slight tweaks to sp_HumanEvents.

One of them fixes a bug with view creation when you use a custom schema. The rest are minor tweaks and fixes that you (hopefully won’t notice one bit), but make me feel a little bit better about the state of the code.

You can learn how to use the proc, and download the latest version over here.

I took a look through SQL Server 2022’s new Extended Events, and haven’t seen anything in there that would warrant the amount of work it takes to add something new just yet. Maybe at some point, I suppose.

Some folks had asked about adding lightweight query profiling etc. as an option, but it still doesn’t return the kind of details that make it useful for query tuning.

I mean, I guess if you believe in memes it’s okay, but… Maybe you should stop that.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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