Things SQL Server vNext Should Address: Local Variable Estimates

And Then The World

I’ve written at length about what local variables do to queries, so I’m not going to go into it again here.

What I do want to talk about are better alternatives to what you currently have to do to fix issues:

  • RECOMPILE the query
  • Pass the local variable to a stored procedure
  • Pass the local variable to dynamic SQL

It’s not that I hate those options, they’re just tedious. Sometimes I’d like the benefit of recompiling with local variables without all the other strings that come attached to recompiling.

Hint Me Baby One More Time

Since I’m told people rely on this behavior to fix certain problems, you would probably need a few different places to and ways to alter this behavior:

  • Database level setting
  • Query Hint
  • Variable declaration

Database level settings are great for workloads you can’t alter, either because the queries come out of a black box, or you use an ORM and queries… come out of a nuclear disaster area.

Query hints are great if you want all local variables to be treated like parameters. But you may not want that all the time. I mean, look: you all do wacky things and you’re stuck in your ways. I’m not kink shaming here, but facts are facts.

You have to draw the line somewhere and that somewhere is always “furries”.

And then local variables.

It may also be useful to allow local variables to be declared with a special property that will allow the optimizer to treat them like parameters. Something like this would be easy enough:


Hog Ground

Given that in SQL Server 2019 table variables got deferred compilation, I think this feature is doable.

Of course, it’s doable today if you’ve got a debugger and don’t mind editing memory space.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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