Change Data Capture Learning Resources For SQL Server

Everything Old Is New Again

If I have to suffer, you all have to suffer. I should probably rephrase that: if I have to suffer, I want you to suffer less. Learn from my suffering, or something.

Recently I’ve been doing some work with Change Data Capture. I’ve done stuff with it before, but I never thought to round up places I’ve picked up tips, tricks, and knowledge for dealing with it. All of the information in these is relevant today, despite most being from 10 or more years go. The only real change I’ve seen is a __$command_id column added to the cdc.<schema>_<table>_CT table in SQL Server 2012-2016.

First, Change Data Capture vs Change Tracking

Second, Tuning the Performance of Change Data Capture


Fourthly, from the comments:

Blog posts by the repltalk team on CDC

I hope you find these useful.

Actually, I hope you don’t, because you never have to deal with Change Data Capture. Ha ha ha.

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything!

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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