Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Writing And Optimizing Paging Queries

Paging Doctor Darling

Words I’ll never hear, at least in reference to me. I’m sure there’s a Darling out there who is a doctor. A real doctor, too. Not one of those “I went to college for 7 extra years” doctors who don’t know anything about the human body.

But I digress! Today we’re gonna learn about paging queries. Why? Because I see people screw them up all the gosh darn ding-a-ling time.

Far and away, I think the worst problem starts at the beginning — the SELECT list — where people try to get every single possible column. There’s a much better query pattern available to you, if you’re open to writing a little bit more code.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any ORMs able to handle this method natively. Hard to believe developers developed the same performance-killing method in C# that they did in T-SQL.

Okay, maybe not so hard to believe. But follow along to see a much better way of doing it in the video below. It’s just a small part of my paid training, and if you like what you see there’s a link at the end of the post for 75% off the whole package.

Optimizing Paging Queries Video

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Going Further

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