Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Multi Statement Table Valued Functions

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In T-SQL, there are two kinds of “table valued functions”. One of them returns a select as a derived table (Inline Table Valued Function), and the other returns a @table variable as a result (Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions).

I’ve written before about the problems you’ll run into with T-SQL’s @table variables, so I’m not going to go back over that here.

I will take this time to point out that they don’t behave any better when used in a function than they do when used independent of a function. If you need to stop here to watch that video, go ahead. I’ll be waiting for you.

To learn more about how T-SQL’s Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions can mess up SQL Server query performance, check out the video below. And as always, if this is the kind of thing you love learning about, hit the link below to get 75% off all of my training material.

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