Correlating Data From sp_WhoIsActive to Query Store Or The Plan Cache


If you’re the type of person who logs sp_WhoIsActive to a table to capture executing queries, you may want to find some additional details about the statements that end up there.

Out of the box, it’s arduous, tedious, and cumbersome to click around on a bunch of columns and grab handles and hashes and blah blah.

Now, these two queries depend on you grabbing a couple specific columns in your output. If you’re not getting these, you’re kinda screwed:

From query plans, you can get the plan handle and plan hash:

   query_hash = 
       q.n.value('@QueryHash', 'varchar(18)'),
   query_plan_hash = 
       q.n.value('@QueryPlanHash', 'varchar(18)')
FROM dbo.WhoIsActive AS w
CROSS APPLY w.query_plan.nodes('//StmtSimple') AS q(n);

From additional info, you can get the SQL Handle and Plan Handle:

  sql_handle =
      w.additional_info.value('(//additional_info/sql_handle)[1]', 'varchar(131)'),
  plan_handle = 
      w.additional_info.value('(//additional_info/plan_handle)[1]', 'varchar(131)')
FROM dbo.WhoIsActive AS w;


For the plan cache, you can use your favorite script. Mine is, of course, sp_BlitzCache.

You you can use the @OnlyQueryHashes or @OnlySqlHandles parameters to filter down to queries you’re interested in.

For Query Store, you can use my script sp_QuickieStore to do the same thing.

It has parameters for @include_query_hashes, @include_plan_hashes or @include_sql_handles.

You might want to add some other filtering or sorting to the queries up there to find what you’re interested in, but this should get you started.

I couldn’t find a quick or easy way to combine the two queries, since we’re dealing with two different columns of XML data, and the query plan XML needs a little special treatment to be queried.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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