Announcing My Precon For SQL Saturday Chicago 2020

Deep Dish SQL

If you’re in Chicago and heading to SQL Saturday 2020, I’d love to see you at my full day precon on Friday, March 20.

I’ll be delivering a ton of awesome material that’ll help make your performance tuning life a whole lot easier. This session is totally focused on how to tune SQL Server performance, and teaching you how to do pain-free analysis of queries, indexes, and execution plans.

All of the material comes from the most common and most complex performance issues I’ve seen during my years as a consultant and DBA. We’ll be pulling on the rubber gloves and digging deep into places that’ll make the optimizer uncomfortable.

For a limited time, use the coupon code “newyorkpizza” for $50 off!

Thanks for reading, and see you there!

Going Further

If this is the kind of SQL Server stuff you love learning about, you’ll love my training. I’m offering a 75% discount to my blog readers if you click from here. I’m also available for consulting if you just don’t have time for that and need to solve performance problems quickly.